Our Harrisburg, SD Location

Store Your Household Belongings or Vehicles at Local Storage Facility

Our Harrisburg, SD location is our third and newest location. Our current structure is 25 units at 19,500 square feet, with a second phase of construction concluding this spring to add an additional 50 units for a total of 52,000 square feet. Our third location is the perfect facility for locals and homeowners alike, as it’s conveniently located just outside of the Sioux Falls city limits. Use our Harrisburg facility to store:

  • Household contents and belongings
  • Classic cars or automobiles
  • Boats, RVs, and other recreational vehicles

Located in La Valley Business park, half a mil off the Harrisburg exit on I-90, this storage facility is the perfect option for those who need quick and regular access to their belongings, equipment, or vehicles. With a well-designed ingress and egress off of the interstate, this facility is easy to access and vacate no matter your storage needs.
Contact us today to begin the leasing process at our Harrisburg location.